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Three ecologies are at the centre of our mission: environmental, social and mental ecology. Our commitment to the environment is so central to our work that even our name combines animal and artificial! In short, we want to make ecology beautiful, pragmatic, affordable and accessible. For a long time, we have been members of the Green Register of Building Professionals, and we recently decided to clarify our goals within the established UN Sustainable Development Goals framework.


The five goals we are committed to will help us focus even more on every aspect of our work.


As professionals and researchers of the built environment, we work daily toward Sustainable Cities and Communities. This main goal intertwines with the

  • Affordable and Clean Energy Goal, through energy efficiency and alternative energy sources for buildings.

  • The Responsible Consumption and production (with the employment of recycled and upcycled materials)

  • Clean Water and Sanitation goal, by promoting and implementing methods for responsible use and re-use of water in our projects and through our research efforts.

  • Finally, our work is embedded in local communities, for whom we often provide pro-bono services and/or assist in building projects from the ground up, from inception to completion, and from funding to maintenance.


We also decided to commit to Climate Action promoting best practices and climate action beyond our profession and through campaigns.

1 Company
1 Goal

We are happy to be part of #1company1goal campaign, organised by Sustainability Institute!


We were invited to share our thoughts on advocating UN Global Goals. We have chosen Goal 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities as our focus, which aligned with our practice's ethos and interest in architecture and urbanism.

Watch the full video below, and let us know what you think!

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