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Developer Housing

Unagru is a young practice with rich portfolio in private residential projects, and we are proud to call ourselves as a specialist in crafting homes for our clients.  Along the way, we are also invited by developers to carry out feasibility studies and submission of planning permission. It has been very successful that our proposals are proven to increase properties' GDV while delivering attractive and creative outcomes that respond coherently to the local surrounding. Our principle in sustainability is not limited to ecological design, but also a promise of economic and social longevity for our developer clients like yourself.


We are a business-centric entity and strive to achieve beyond our clients' brief assignments or expectations. Therefore, this allows us to be sensitive to cost-and-profit by understanding what is happening within the industry of housing and property investment in the UK, while fulfilling each council's requirements and guidelines. By working closely with our colleague consultants and contractors, we have a vast knowledge of planning policy and experience to help you invest the right time and money.


Let's be frank, what are the problems usually you have met when trying to develop or regenerate a project?

  • Planning permission takes too long to be approved

  • Uncertain or doubtful about the Return Of Investment

  • Design proposal that might create opposition from the local community

  • Invest an obsolete amount of time and money in search of the right solutions

  • Given 'false hope' when comes to promised deliverables or timeframes due to inefficient consultants' communications

  • Lack of support and study behind site appraisal or design assessment



Nothing is more valuable than building trust with our clients and eventually becoming friends for all benefits.  We must be honest that we cannot guarantee to provide all the solutions to run every process faster or cheaper than any other architects, but we are definitely confident in our problem-identifying and solving skills with an openly collaborative working ethic. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and here is how we can help you.


  • You will receive an intensively prepared report, with all transparency and clarity on cost and timeline for you to calculate ROI

  • You will receive a comprehensive proposal that will align with your business strategy

  • You will be notified of the progress along the way with our weekly report to ensure you up-to-date with the fluctuations in the construction field

  • You will be advised of alternative back-up plans or ambitious prospects to unfold the potential of a site

  • We embrace the importance of communication with yourself, with goals and milestones closely monitored to reduce any unnecessary resources

  • We will get you clear and informed about the planning constraints and opportunities, including the environmental and energy-efficient strategies

  • We know how to create attractions and benefits that add value to your property in a long term


Acknowledging our previous experience and recognized testimonials has made us a better team player, and we look forward to being part of your journey. Hope you will enjoy our work, and contact us if you would like to carry out an initial feasibility study - you will be surprised by how we seize each opportunity with your site.

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Planning submission of a flat expansion and conversion


Build-to-rent new home, Camden

150_201016_elevations in street.jpg

Flat conversion for investment, Brighton

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