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Developers and Commercial

At Unagru we aim to create a functional and sympathetic design that meets our clients’ needs and Return on Investment. Regardless of the type and scale of commercial projects, we see each project as an opportunity to contribute our knowledge to society and its surrounding. We have obtained multiple planning permissions for our developer clients in new build-to-rent homes, and two restaurants for Officina 00 in London. Throughout the experiences, we are passionate about natural lighting and ventilation, materials and finishes, soundproofing, humidity control, and energy efficiency.

Our belief in commercial projects for developers and business owners is ecological, social, and economic sustainability. There is nothing more important than understanding our clients’ requirements, and offering attractive and incremental value to a place and its users while minimising the environmental impact. These could be achieved by investing time and effort into our research process to understand our clients’ engagement with a place and people. Once the brief and objective are well planned, we execute the project by working closely with the local council, planners, engineers, and builders.

Developers and Business Owners Unagru Architecture Urbanism Landscape Interiors

Build-to-rent new home, Camden

Developers and Business Owners Unagru Architecture Urbanism Landscape Interiors

Flat conversion and expansion, Brighton

Our Services

At Unagru, we pride ourselves as one of the leading architectural practices in the East London area for residential and commercial clients. Research is the core of our design process that will bring a wealth of knowledge to your commercial architecture project.

Working with several developers, we have learned the problems you usually meet when developing or regenerating a project.

Developers’ problems today:

  • Uncertain about the Return on Investment.

  • Design proposals that create opposition from the local community.

  • The Planning permission takes too long to be approved.

  • Invest an obscene amount of time and money searching for the right solutions.

  • Designers overpromise and are not realistic.

  • Lack of creativity in the early stages, when you’d like to examine several options.

  • Lack of flexibility and clarity in the early stages, when the project needs to evolve quickly.

  • Inefficient communication with consultants.

  • Lack of support and study behind site appraisal or design assessment.

Nothing is more valuable than building trust with our clients. We cannot guarantee to provide all the solutions to run every process faster or cheaper than any other architects. Still, we are definitely confident in our problem-identifying and solving skills with an openly collaborative working ethic. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and here is how we can help you.

Working with us:

  • You will receive an intensively prepared feasibility report, with all the transparency and clarity on cost and timeline for you to calculate ROI.

  • A very efficient process, involving the right consultants at the right time. No time wasted on impossible design ideas, no opportunities left unexplored.

  • An open design and feasibility process that gives you several options to evaluate.

  • You will receive at least one proposal that aligns with your business strategy.

  • You will be notified of the progress along the way with our weekly report to ensure you are up-to-date with the fluctuations in the construction field.

  • You will be advised of alternative plans or ambitious prospects to unfold the potential of a site.

  • We will inform you about the planning constraints and opportunities, including the environmental and energy-efficient strategies.

  • We know how to create attractions and benefits that add value to your property

Our Mission and Vision

We are a young architecture and urbanism practice with a core belief that good design brings good value with an intensive research process.We embrace a business-oriented model that values trust, quality, and customer service as a form of friendship in working together on a project.

Our mixed culture, British and Italian, has allowed us to appreciate brightness and natural light, along with the effort to create an ecologically sustainable architecture that is sensitive to the users’ experience and building energy performance.

Developers and Business Owners Unagru Architecture Urbanism Landscape Interiors

Officina 00, Old Street


‘Ecological sustainability is at the core of our mission: environmental, social and mental ecology.’


Central to our commercial architecture work will be our commitment to the environment, we want to make ecological designs in a pragmatic, affordable and accessible way. As members of Green Register of Building Professionals, we stand and declare our goals in line with the established UN Sustainable Development Goals framework. We do this through our affordable and clean energy goal, through energy efficiency and alternative energy sources for buildings – read more on our campaign, #nomoregas. The idea of a circular economy is our ethos to rethink the necessity of Retrofit and recycled or reused materials. By advocating through campaigns and open-sharing platforms, we want to share the knowledge among our colleagues and clients, or even beyond our profession, to be aware of our role in the commitment to Climate Action.

Contact Us

Acknowledging our previous experience and recognized testimonials has made us a better team player, and we look forward to being part of your journey. Hope you will enjoy our work, and contact us if you would like to carry out an initial feasibility study - you will be surprised by how we seize each opportunity with your site.

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