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Happy, beautiful ecology.

Unagru is a research-driven architectural and urbanism practice based in London and Kuala Lumpur.

We aim to find beauty and innovative design solutions at the intersection of nature, society, and any given project. Our work is based on research and participation. Regardless of scale and type, we embrace every project as a learning opportunity to be shared with our clients and the wider community.


Ecology and sustainability are at the core of our mission and design processes. We have created a four-step implementation framework to help clients, consultants, and contractors make informed decisions to save money, time and carbon dioxide from inception to construction. 

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The Boat and Pavilion Ecology Sustainability Contemporary Residential Architecture Unagru East London Architects


    from the Italian, una gru one crane.
    The sight of a crane, a bird of the family Gruidae, guarding a harsh industrial landscape struck our imagination as the embodiment of independence, grit, and resilience. On the other side, the crane, the machine used for hoisting heavy objects, is a fascinating combination of natural power and human technology that enables change. Unagru embodies and playfully embraces our hybrid technical and natural realm.  


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    With a diverse background in urban design, ecology, architecture and interiors, we are prepared to approach any project. We consider design to be the result of a conversation. We are proud of our inclusive, research-driven and sustainability-focused method of work.



    After the invasion of Ukraine and in light of the current climate crisis, we have started a campaign to reduce the use of natural gas in homes. We researched alternatives to gas boilers and hobs, and found solutions for every type of home and flat. You can visit the website here.

    If you wish to know more, share your thoughts, or look for collaboration opportunities with us, please email us for more.

    No More Gas Unagru Architecture Urbanism

    Meet the Cranes

    Unagru started as a research unit and now evolved into an architectural and urbanism practice that wants to help shape a better world. Interested to be part of Unagru? Drop us an email with your CV and Portfolio.

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