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Public and Community

Founded as an architectural and urbanism research unit, Unagru continues to seek curiosity and new challenges by questioning our roles as an architect when it comes to ecological design and sustainable ecosystems - may it be social or environmental concerns. After working on a few competitions and writings, we aim to advocate a research-led practice and introduce a depository of knowledge into urbanism and masterplanning projects. In this approach, we see ourselves wearing different kinds of hats - as a planner, a scientist, a naturalist, a poet, an artist, and more - and engage ourselves with experts from different disciplines to look at urgencies around the world. Therefore, our manifesto is to be an agent of change to make our world a better place. We welcome academicians or students for collaborations, see Research to find out more.

Followed by the experimental landscape project - Bromley Rain Garden - we completed in 2018, we are pleased to see the outcome inheriting our interest in Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems. It was not a well-celebrated design intervention, but it set a foundation for us to improve our execution of such in other public projects. The garden was a proven success, especially when it comes to its natural cooling effect during the heat wave in 2022. This becomes part of our 'mandatory' design approach in both our public and private projects.


Collingham Nursery Gardens was the right place for our ideas to perform again. By working closely with the Nursery Committee, we managed to receive a grant from Camden to improve and refurbish the 40-year-old, non-profit community nursery, along with a proposal to build a rain garden and an extension to fit the school's need. We are assigned as project manager and contract administrator to supervise the project's progress, on a pro-bono basis with our intention to give back to society.

We know how to work and communicate with the local council for potential grant allocation to improve public and community projects, with our 'retrofit first' strategy. We are happy to provide our service in analyzing potential and discussing solutions with you. Contact us if you wish to have a conversation about your project.

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Collingham Gardens Nursery improvement and refurbishment

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