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  • Davide

Open House 2021

What a great pleasure the past two weekends at The Sponge and House for Cellist! The two private homes were generously opened up by their owners- thank you - A&B & Mr Cellist! - for the public to visit as part of this inspiring celebration of design.

It was a really busy few days and a great success, with over 500 visitors coming to see us. It is always such a delight to have so much interest in our work from students, fellow architects and of course just those who appreciate good design. It also gives us a rare opportunity to see such different people interacting with our design. These events offer invaluable insight on our projects, showing us how people really move across the space and connect with the design.

Thank you all to our clients, and the volunteers (now willingly or unwillingly members fo the team) who helped, giving up their personal time to assist with the smooth running of the day. We really appreciate everything you have done Ahmed, Christine, Sude, Catherine, Dominique, Darren, Caroline & Stephen.

Another highlight of the festival was receiving a visit from architecture legend and my personal hero Tony Fretton, teacher, theoretician, sponsor and most importantly great architect. It was a honour that he decided to visit and praise The Sponge, and a pleasure to meet him.

Open House is an annual event that has been running for three decades across the capital. The festival celebrates architecture and urban landscaping, offering access to some of the most iconic (& often private) locations across London. If you missed it this year make a note in your diary to get involved with the next one. If there is one real architecture festival that's the Open House, showing built architecture, from the inside and the outside, and open to all.


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