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Historical centre

Square and sports centre Competition Grosio, Italy Shortlisted 

With: Studio Restart 

(Vittorio Santangelo, Mattia Leone, Danilo Iacone),Paolo Prevedini, Anna Sirica
Client: Municipality of Grosio 

Budget: €3,1 M

improved traffic management and layout reduce access to historical centre, while de ning a new square in front of the church and a network of pedestrian connections 

the new building marks the threshold between historical and modern city 

pause / monumental block 

city margin/new centrality

modern urban expansion

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The urban layout proposal modi es existing mobility networks and provides a physical limit to the small town of Grosio, by placing the new sports facility building as a corner stone. The sports centre’s and parking’s impact are reduced by taking advantage of (and underlining) an existing change in elevation. The centre’s main elevation is marked by a single sloping eaves line. 



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