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Archipelago Urbanism
Hoganas, Southern Sweden


Is there a connection between the monotony, the lack in diversity and the way the city was restructured through time?


Filling the voids with too much open space (first paradox), enclosed and monofunctional surfaces has determined an increase of the single’s quality of life, but has also created more and more distance between people. The paradox is that this distance is inhabitable, and thus helps dispersion: it is more than physical distance, but space. Inhabitable space also needs to be maintained, and public budgets for investments and innovation end up lagging behind. A combination of excess of inhabtable space, and lack in investment ideas is keeping Hoganas away from innovation and confrontation. The understanding of its nature, an archipelago, can trigger new visions for the future of the city. 

To read more, please download our project sheet here.

Team members

Davide di Martino, Anna Sirica, Luigi Nefasto, Gina Furia

Completion year


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