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We make ecology beautiful.

Unagru is a research-driven architectural and urbanism practice based in East London.

We want to connect architecture, nature, and society by creating beautiful, innovative designs and producing research as agents of change in the built environment. Regardless of scale and type of project, we embrace each opportunity as a knowledge platform to be shared with our clients and the wider community. A holistic, pragmatic design approach is the key - navigating our studio's principle to being multidisciplinary and collaborative, from small residential extension projects to landscape and urbanism interventions.


Ecological sustainability is at the core of our mission: environmental, social and mental ecology. ​Over the years of our practice as a member of Green Register of Building Professionals, we stand and declare our goals in line with the established UN Sustainable Development Goals framework. 

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    Meet the Cranes



    1. literal translation from Italian, as One (una) and Crane (gru).

    Inspired by an observation of a long-legged crane by a polluted lake, the Gru carries a dual meaning of

    our interest in understanding natural (bird) and artificial (machine) built environment. 


    2. build and construct. 

    We see the act of constructing as more than a physical making or technique but a gesture of connecting dots between people, between buildings, and between energy particles. It is important for us to see each of the projects to be carefully curated and created where our clients find a sense of belonging. 

    Founded by Davide di Martino, Unagru started as a research unit and now growing into an architectural and urbanism practice with an ambition to be an agency of change in shaping an ecologically-sustainable built environment.

    Our belief is to formulate ideas with research by listening, reading and sharing.

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    Our services

    We are well-versed in private residential, sustainable water and landscape projects. Learning from our working experience and our clients' acknowledgement, it has come to our recent realisation and ambition that we want to share our knowledge and inspiration with a wider group of developers and local communities. Find out more about how we can work together.

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