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Stairway House

Location:  Islington, London 

Status:    Completed, 2021

A basement, side rear extension and extension refurbishment of a traditional Victorian terraced house within a Conservation Area in Islington, London. The  existing four storey house, with a half-basement, is set on split levels. The front ground floor is set at a considerably higher level compared to the rear. Our design proposal was to embrace the difference in levels, while opening up the internal space.

"Davide combined technical expertise, diplomacy, pragmatism, flexibility and a wonderful approach to design that exceeded all of our expectations. He was an utter pleasure to work with, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend him!"

We designed a completely open space that steps down from the front to the rear. The ground floor layout is split into three levels, to achieve a soft change in levels along the length of the house. The dining area is placed in the middle of the layout, and at mid-height. The result is an open and complex space with views to the garden and dynamic, exciting changes of viewpoints. 

Open-plan stepping down layout
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