Davide di Martino


Architect, urban designer, researcher and educator with the mission to expand ecological design’s agency in the world.

I’m the founder and director of Unagru Architecture Urbanism. We work on beautiful, innovative ecological designs. As a researcher and teacher, I focus on urban waters and social justice. As an activist and communicator, I reach to all parts of society to promote better social and environmental policies.

I have worked, studied and made research in Italy, Spain, the Uk, Denmark and US. I live in and love London.

I graduated at IUAV university in Venice, Italy, after two very formative years in Barcelona’s ETSAB. I have a postgraduate master in architecture within historical contexts from Federico II, and a PhD in Urbanism, Ecological landscape and urban design. I have been visiting researcher in NY’s New School. I have always been drawn to the broad relations between architecture, society and the environment.

I am Unit Leader within the Master in Architecture Design of Cardiff University. I love teaching because it provides me a way of giving to the community, while it forces to think about broader themes surrounding societies, ecology and the future of living together.


Davide di Martino