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  • Davide

News from Open House

London Open House is our favourite Architecture festival: zero special effects, zero narratives, symbols, concepts, metaphors, sarcasm and very little postmodernism. Instead, it shows buildings, which should be what almost all architecture is about. We showed our House for a Cellist, Peckham Courtyard House, and the Bau House, also in Peckham. We met more than a thousand architecture enthusiasts and went back to projects and clients we love. A great couple of very full weekends coronated with my son's birthday party. Best month of the year.

We couldn't visit others because I was busy managing the crowds invading our projects. I was intrigued by a project by nimtim architects, also in Peckham (I was there on the wrong weekend), and would like to hear other impressions. Has anyone taken part or visited a building during the Open House? Are there any buildings people would like to see open for once?

During the second weekend, Thomas and Jamie took over the role of hosts with great success.

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