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Insideout Courtyard

Location:   South Acton, London 

Status:      Completed, 2018

The designs where a small experiment on the playful relationship between interior and exterior spaces, within dense residential contexts. We devised a small extension that would provide just enough space for a comfortable open plan, combined kitchen dining and living area, which also allowed enough internal space to create the desired small additional bedroom.  

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The Project

Our clients had grown out of their ground floor flat, but rather than moving out they came to us to see if we could reimagine the space to deliver an additional bedroom. By adding a small ground floor rear extension to the traditional Victorian ground floor flat, we were able to deliver the changes the client needed to meet the necessities of a growing family airy and creating a bright sequence of spaces, carefully designed to meet the exact needs of the inhabitants. On any bright day, the layout expands to incorporate the patio and therefore becomes a circular sequence of interconnected rooms.

From the outside, the building is perceived as a natural extension of the original building's plastered pediment. The extension follows the skewed shape of the plot, with a main sliding door introduced from the living space to the patio, the door is therefore perpendicular to the skewed wall and oriented slightly towards the small bedroom door which allows a continuous view through the patio and between the two interiors. The patio becomes an additional room, and connecting element between the playful child's room and the living area, ambiguously merging interior and exterior spaces. 


The project was designed as a small set of interventions that would increase the volume and provide the backdrop for the second phase intervention: a set of bespoke furniture elements that will provide continuity, storage and a new structure to every space. Given the tightness of timing and budget, part of the bespoke joinery project has been postponed, and the most important items carefully selected which include the steps that provide access to the patio, and encasing the low-level radiators. 


The house has been featured in two editions of the London Open House festival to great success. 

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