The Boat and the Pavilion

Ground floor rear extension and general refurbishment of an Edwardian terraced house.

House for a family of sailors. The brief: an enclosed kitchen, more storage and service area at ground floor, a more direct relationship with the garden.

Our proposal reflects the clients needs and focuses on compression and expansion of space. The first design move has been the opening of an entrance hall, with access to service WC and wardrobe; light from above is reflected on a yellow painted walls to achieve warmth. View to the rest of the ground floor is partially blocked by an expectedly curved wall (a boat?) and a freestanding element. As we advance, the curved wall compresses the space and pushes us towards the centre of the house. From here, both space and light mark expansion: the sitting room to one side, the new pavilion room to the other. 

The curved wall hides the kitchen room, accessible through a flush, curved door, or through a full height sliding door. The pavilion room is completely open to the garden with a sliding door system and to the sky through a generous roof light. 
Skirtings, lighting fixtures and accessories react to the context, subtly marking the threshold between old and new, structural / light elements.

2015 - 2016


Completed 2016


St. Margaret

Unagru Limited

LG3 Cell Studios

23-27 Arcola Street

London, E8 2DJ

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