The Colander


Twickenham, London




The beautiful Victorian period terraced house had a very long and dark entrance hall and corridor, leading to the bright rear room and the garden. These two aspects of the home were disconnected, our brief included connecting them and expanding the home to allow for additional living space on the ground floor. 

A side extension provided the opportunity of bringing light to the middle of the ground floor, the furthest point from any window. We designed the extension as one large piece of glass, that would maximise the light brought into the interior of the home. 

We proposed to flip around the kitchen-dining layout and insert a kitchen island facing the garden and the light. We easily obtained planning permission with a higher party wall and opted for a fully glazed side roof, to maximise the light gain. 

"Working with Unagru was so easy. They instinctively understood what we needed and created design solutions we could not have dreamed of. We love our house, it is now a family home that we all enjoy spending time in together.' NH

Contemporary Kitchen Extension London 3.
Contemporary Kitchen Extension London 4.
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The backstory, tbc


The Project

In our designs the ceiling height line become a predominant element.  We wished to preserve the original design features of the home, for aesthetic reasons as well as the financial impact on the design. Additional we felt the ceiling height offered a continuity of perspective, in order to widen the perception of the space.


The side extension takes the home up to the party wall, transforming the once dank, underused outside space into an internal, open plan dining area for the family to enjoy. A large skylight runs the length of the new space, drawing light in this area and a contemporary kitchen has been located at the heart of the house, enjoying the views of the garden and connection to the dining and rear living spaces.


Mirrors and changes in the floor finishes give the illusion of a courtyard between the old and new spaces. Through careful positioning of full-length mirrors on the party wall, the rear garden’s green and light are reflected into the rest of the home. This increases the brightness and colour, also it creates an effect of otherness.


The rear extension is designed as a contemporary, frameless glass box, this achieves maximum brightness and connectivity with the garden. The space has been completed with bespoke, low level, window seats following the line of the box. This offers a place to sit and enjoy the space, it also is designed as additional storage which is essential for a young family.  


Layout and main spaces:

The changes to the house only affect the rear of the property, we have been able to leave the front intact which has given the clients the opportunity to refurbish the front room into a comfortable sitting room. 

Connecting the old and new spaces, the front and rear of the home, we have used a change in floor finishes and mirrors to offer a sense of otherness, whilst reflecting light into the original side of the home. 

The rear of the home is now a large open plan space, with a large contemporary kitchen at the heart of it. The distinctive, bespoke, blue kitchen has a large island unit positioned to enjoy the views across to the garden and connect with the living space. The side extension offers enough space to position a dining table adjacent to the kitchen, the frameless rear extension is a multi use living space, with integrated window seat storage.