Peckham Glass Box

Residential side and rear extension of a Victorian terraced house, with a very low ceiling. The ceiling height line has become a predominant element with the aim of preserving the continuity of perspective and in order to widen the perception of the space.

The side extension is designed as very light glass planes which respect the ceiling’s continuity and bring light inside the previously very dark space. The rear extension is designed as a frameless glass box, to achieve maximum brightness, underline the ceiling line, and incorporate the rear courtyard. The latter, also framed by the ceiling line, becomes part of the ground floor layout. 

The threshold between the rear sitting room and the extension is treated as yet another, metaphorical small walled garden: a change in floor finish marks the change in use, while and mirrors on the party wall reflect the sky and garden throughout the rest of the house, creating an effect of otherness, as well as further increasing brightness and colour.










Unagru Limited

LG3 Cell Studios

23-27 Arcola Street

London, E8 2DJ

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