Stairway House

A basement, side rear extension and extension refurbishment of a Victorian terraced house within a Conservation Area in Islington. The  four storey building, with a half-basement, is set on split levels. The front ground floor is set at a considerably higher level compared to the rear. 

Our proposal was to embrace the difference in levels, while opening up the space. We designed a completely open space that steps down from the front to the rear. The ground floor layout is split into three levels, to achieve a soft change in levels along the length of the house. The dining area is placed in the middle of the layout, and at mid-height. The result is an open and complex space with views to the garden and dynamic, exciting changes of viewpoints. 



On site


Unagru Limited

LG3 Cell Studios

23-27 Arcola Street

London, E8 2DJ

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