Queen’s Park

The Sponge

Basement, rear, side and roof extension of a Victorian terraced house.  

This project is an experiment on a shift of scale: from a house composed of floors to a narrative whole. Rather than stacking uses on separate floors as almost separate parts of the house, uses are imagined as more flexible throughout floors. The circulation areas merge into one another and the living spaces through small double-height spaces.



Queen's Park, London


On site

The ground-floor-to-basement relationship is particularly thought out to visually and physically connect spaces on both floors, as well as to underline the narrative nature of displacing a body through space. From the entrance, we will have a glance at the bright first-floor landing, washed in natural light. Through the entrance, we can choose to climb the secret stair to the first floor or access the ground floor, which acts as a second, grand hall. Through the ground floor, we carry on descending, without crossing any clear threshold, to the kitchen and garden or to the basement. The stair to the basement is open to the sky and wide, encased in a loose timber structure which defines additional small spaces for plants. We step down to the kitchen, we turn back to follow the spiral-like stair to the basement, we turn again towards the garden at basement level. 


The large ground floor room, finally up to scale with modern standards of living, is not perceived as the whole house, but rather as multi-use space branching in all directions and rich, detailed secondary spaces.

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