Casali del Sole

The Client was looking for an alternative vision to an otherwise static and problematic layout for a residential development to be built on the hills overlooking the historical city centre of Todi, Umbria. Our proposal introduces typological and functional variety, combining modern design with traditional finishes and ultimately bleniding compellingly with the surrounding landscape. Instead of reiterating a single typology, the villa, throughout the site, the proposal assembles different combinations of dwellings: the cluster, the linear borgo and the scattered villas to react to the urban and natural setting. The result is complex compound with a mix of private, semi-private and public open spaces. Common areas are used to minimize the impact of parking and services both from a spatial and an economic point of view.

September 2010 - Current

Todi, Italy


Residential development 


Planning permission granted 2016

Available to buy

The masterplan is based on landforms that define terraces overlooking the valley. The main three terraces incorporate the dense "borgo" and the common areas, and provide a harder boundary against the road running parallel to the site. The villas are displayed on a softer landscape and are scattered to avoid a sense of repetition, as well as maximising privacy and panoramic views. 

The “borgo” and the cluster are based on semi-detached row houses typology, with the possibility of dividing each house in two separate units. A continuous wall defines entrance patios, providing privacy and a threshold between common and private areas. Private mobility is reduced to the minimum: the former entrance to the compound is used as collective parking area. 
The proposal has been discussed with the local administration with the aid of models, renders and architectural drawings.

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